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PRP Diagnostic Imaging

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Founded in 2008, PRP Diagnostic Imaging is a highly regarded, successful and expanding Radiology practice group with near 30 modern comprehensive clinics across New South Wales, Australia.

We perform one million examinations annually across our network by over 900 employees.

As a Radiologist at PRP, you will be an integral part of our doctor-led team. Our focus is to ensure our Radiologists enjoy the benefits of a modern supportive career.

Key highlights of the PRP approach:

* PRP is a unique doctor led organisation, with a partnership style culture providing the benefits of a larger scale business.

* Upskilling under the mentorship of an expert group is provided and encouraged.

* Our doctor centric culture provides you with the choice to be actively involved in the decision making and
strategic direction of the business.

* Attractive financial rewards that provide you with the opportunity to scale-up your earnings, including
PRP's proprietary PCU incentive remuneration system.

We are committed above all, to our patients, with a uniquely collegiate way of working that delivers the best care for patients and their families. PRP is an environment that will support and actively foster your personal and professional growth and provide the flexibility and opportunity that matters most to you.

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